2017 Capture Oakville Categories

Capture Oakville

An image that captures and demonstrates the true essence of either the natural or historic places within Oakville, best showcasing it's cultural heritage, landscapes, its seasonal ambience, festivals, or people in an urban Oakville streetscape where you capture a realistic ‘decisive moment.’

Capture People & Portraits

A compelling portrait photograph that captures the moment of contact or interaction, while accentuating the essential characteristics and personality of the human spirit.

The human subject should be the central element; photographs can include, Portraits, Studio, Street, Photojournalism, Posed or Candid, or Sports based action photographs.

Black & White

A ‘creative’ visual image which uses the aesthetic of the black and white media to best represent the impression of tone, texture or contrast in order to attract, guide and/or polarize the viewers attention.


A grand expanse of Scenery, Landscape, or Environmental vistas which conveys the scale, size or proportion of what you’re photographing.

The image may include people, as long as those elements are not the primary subject matter.

Capture Nature & Wildlife

Compelling grand scenics, intimate landscapes, spectacular natural events, close-ups of natural subjects, or wildlife in their living environment.

Note: Close-up or Macro photographs are welcome in this category, Hand-of-Man* elements are ‘discouraged’ in this category.

Expression – Youth (18 years & under)

Create a photograph that is eye-catching, or impacts the viewer by invoking an emotional response.
Images will be judged on their originality, artistic or expressive nature, as well as its composition, and/or tonality.

Capture Canada in Celebration

What does Canada mean to you? What story about Canada or Canadians would you like to share? Canada is a diverse canvas of people, cultures, and communities, with endless stories about who we are.

The theme of this category is to encourage images that speak to our excitement about Canada’s 150th anniversary, and to showcase our history and national pride.

Your photograph should tell a story based on the people, character, events, iconic settings, scenery or landscapes from across Canada; any point-of-view the photographer feels will best represent the theme of ‘celebration.’